Our Story

XIT General Office

In 2008, the building was almost moved to the Texas Tech Western Heritage center. Although the building would have been in good hands and more available to a larger audience, a group of local citizens organized by Bob Cates fought to keep the General Office in its original location. Hartley County then bought the building and Bob has been its care taker ever since.

Every year, Bob and the XIT General Office hosts a Christmas Celebration. This year, we are hosting a Cowboy Christmas in July. On July 13th, we are hosting a chuck wagon supper. This gathering will host a chuck wagon supper, a kids "rodeo", and live music to celebrate when the first herds of cattle arrived on the XIT. The event is completely funded by donations only and we would love to see you there. For more information, view our events page or contact Becky at (806)282-6425.