What is on top of your Kitchen’s countertops?

Food items – Do you usually store all your frequently used food containers, spices, condiments, etc on your countertops? If you do, now is the time to get them removed and put away inside of your cupboards. Sure, this may not be convenient, however the quicker you receive an offer from a home Buyer the quicker you can relax a bit in your home.

Small appliances – Do you like all of your small appliances handy for when you want to whip up some ice cream, a baked cake, a smoothie with fruit and veggies or a margarita or when you need to grate up some carrots or some other vegetable for a new recipe you’re trying? Having all of these appliances handy is ideal, I get that, however not now when trying to sell a home.

The more the top of your countertops can be seen the better. A countertop cluttered with too much stuff is not at all appealing to a home Buyer. They want to see sparse tops to make sure that their items will have the space that they need. You must allow them the ability to envision their things not having to overlook your clutter. Most Buyers don’t have the ability to do such a task of looking through a home Seller’s clutter, that’s a gift a small percentage possess. Plus, it may signal messiness and uncleanliness to them, which by no means do you want. Your task is to make your home appear as it has always been clutter-free and well cleaned; this brings in top dollar.

Put away small appliances when selling a home in Fort Lauderdale

What’s in your Kitchen’s cupboards?

Having your cupboards stacked full and unorganized is not appealing to a home Buyer. This will make them question your kitchen’s storage capacity. You’re going to have to pack to move anyway, so now is a good time to clean out all the items you don’t use routinely or just get rid of what you really don’t use. It’s all about maximizing your kitchen storage. Pack up or throw out before you move out.

Lastly, after addressing all the areas as discussed above regarding how to get your kitchen ready when selling a home, you’ll want to make sure it is sparkling clean. Because if your kitchen isn’t clean nothing else matters.

Wrap Up

Even though your kitchen is just a part of your home, it is the room of a home that is huge for its importance to most any single person or family that will be moving in. Quite often, the kitchen is the first room of the house that a prospective home Buyer will want to see. Follow all my advice above and the viewing of your home will certainly go far in grabbing ahold of a buyer of your home. All the advice that I provide really sets the stage for your kitchen implementing a staging plan.

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